Air Freight Service

PT. Agoeng Sejahtera Logistics is a professional logistic support business which manage the handling and transportation of goods and raw material. Today, air freight businesses handle any kind of shipment, domestic or international, to any destination anywhere in the world provided there are no legal barriers to the transportation of the goods in question.

Air freight is categorized into freight shipments, household goods, express deiveries, and parcel shipments. Depending upon the urgency and weight, freight rates may vary. Freight shipment refers to garment, hanging garment, etc. Household goods refers to house content like appliances, furniture, etc. Parcels include the items that are packed and placed in different boxes. Any shipment which is really heavy and bulky is transported by means of cargo planes that are exclusively utilized for delivery of heavy luggage. We will make sure that time is not wasted on delivery of goods. Moreover, customer service remains the top priority. Most of all, you can be assured that the receiver gets the parcel in safe condition.

Apart from these, there are many advantage of air freight services. We have an improved business network. Therefore, they are capable of providing quality services. We aso ensure timely delivery of items, irrespective of the climatic conditions or weather. Moreoever, information about these aspect helps in adoption of strategies for delivery of parcels in an efficient manner. These services also ensure that there are updates about global events and make every attempt to make sure that the shipment arrived / delivered on time.